"How do I commission a portrait painting?"


To start the commission process, simply contact me and start the conversation.

I will gather the information I need for creating your portrait and answer any questions you may have.

There are a few options for the painting process that I can do.  

First, I could meet with the subject and paint while they sit for me, for a few sessions until the painting is complete.  

This works better for people portraits; pets would not sit still long enough for me.  

Second, I could meet with the subject, do a few reference sketches, take some reference photos and then finish the painting in my studio.  


*The first two options are ideal for me to do my best work.  

Third, you could send me several good quality photos of the subject and I will choose which ones to use as a reference for the painting.   (Photos taken with natural light without a flash are best for portrait paintings.)

This is the popular option for pet portraits.  


(Travel and lodging are additional client expenses if artist travels more than 3 hours.)

*Framing not included, but may be done upon client's request.

"How do I pay for my portrait painting?"


A 30% deposit is required before starting the commission, once the details of the commission are agreed upon.

Payments through PayPal, credit cards, and checks are accepted.  Final payment is due once the final portrait has been approved by the client.

"What does a portrait painting cost?"

 Oil Portraits:   
Starting at:








Other sizes- ask for a quote.

***More than one subject will add 30% per subject to the total cost.

Framing and shipping are additional costs.  

(Optional framing may be done by the artist upon request.)


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