Jack Russel Terrier

Samantha's Story

Samantha and her two sisters were looking for the perfect gift for their father's birthday present this year.  They always put a lot of thought into what to get their dad, and find the challenge rewarding when they get "the" gift.  This year, they all decided to commission a painting of his loyal and well-loved chocolate lab.  Samantha found Lisa Bane through a google search, and reached out to her.  Lisa answered her questions right away, and explained the whole process clearly and in an understandable manner. Samantha was excited to hear reports from Lisa about how the painting was progressing.  When Samantha received an email with a photo of the final painting, she could hardly wait to see her dad's reaction when seeing it for the first time. Lisa captured the lab's gentle and sweet personality, and Samantha knew her dad was going to love it.  When the day came for her dad's birthday party, Samantha and her sisters were filled with anticipation. When her dad opened the painting, tears came to his eyes, which Samantha had rarely ever seen.  His dear, sweet, chocolate lab had been his loyal friend for the past 14 years, but was not doing so well lately.  He would now have this beautiful painting to remind him of his loving companion that was part of his life for so many years.  

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