Pet Portraits

She Was A Good 'Ol Jack

Becca was our first dog as a married couple.  She was our “kid before the kids”.  If we could keep a dog alive, then we figured we could do the parenting thing, we joked. The portrait I painted of her hangs in a prominent place in our living room where I gaze at it every morning while sipping my daily coffee.  She is sitting in an alert position, one ear half-cocked, as if her attention is caught by a squirrel climbing the tree outside the window. As I look at her intelligent gaze, I remember how we taught her to sit, beg, lay down, roll over, and play dead.  We were proud parents showing off the skills we taught our first child.  My husband and I reminisce about what a good dog she was in our early marriage.  She lived for 13 years, and was with us through the birth of our first-born son, and twin daughters.  She tolerated the kids well, even though our attention to her had dwindled greatly once they came along.  She loved to take walks with her pack.  She loved soaking in the sun.  She loved playing fetch and chasing the kids around the fenced in yard.  My son was 10 and my daughters were 7 when she passed.  Now that they are older, they don’t remember much of her, but my husband and I do. She was an important part of our family, and always will remain in our hearts.  


"We will treasure this portrait of Cobe in our home and his memory will be kept alive always! Thank you so much for your incredible talent! You are such an amazing artist!"  -M.K.

"Lisa was an absolute pleasure to work with. She took the time to communicate with me to determine what I was looking for and to make sure she had an idea of the personality of the dog she was painting and this really shows in the finished piece. Considering it was a custom piece, the painting was complete and shipped very quickly. Best of all, the painting is stunning, as realistic as a photo, but it shows a lot more personality than a photo ever could. The painting is truly gorgeous, and I can't wait to give it to the intended recipient. If I ever have another painting done I will definitely be using Lisa to complete it."  -J.L.

"I might be a little biased, but I think this is your best work yet! Thank you so much for painting my Molly! I will treasure it forever. You are an amazing artist and a blessing to us!"  -J.P.

"Lisa did a fantastic job capturing the likeness and the spirit of my family's beloved terrier. I don't know how she did it, but she managed to capture her big personality using only canvas and paint. Thank you Lisa for creating a piece of art we will treasure forever."  -M.B.

Jack Russel Terrior

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