"How do I commission a portrait painting?"


To start the commission process, simply contact Lisa Bane and start the conversation.

Lisa will gather the information needed for creating your portrait and answer any questions you may have.

There are a few options for the painting process.  

Lisa will discuss with you which option works best for the portrait you want to commission.

Live Sittings: Lisa will meet with the subject and paint while they sit for her, for a few sessions until the painting is complete.  

This works better for a head and shoulders portrait of a person; pets would not sit still long enough.  

Reference Photoshoot: Lisa will meet with the subject, take some reference photos, possibly do a reference sketch, and then finish the painting in her studio.  


*The first two options are preferred by the artist in order to have the best results. 

Reference Photos from Client: You could send Lisa several good quality photos of the subject and she will choose which ones to use as a reference for the painting.  

(Photos taken with natural light without a flash are best for portrait paintings.)

This is the popular option for pet portraits.  

"How do I pay for my portrait painting?"


A 30% deposit is required before starting the commission, once the details of the commission are agreed upon.

Payments through PayPal, credit cards, and checks are accepted.  Final payment is due once the final portrait has been approved by the client.

"What does a portrait painting cost?"

Story of a Pet Portrait

Samantha and her two sisters were looking for the perfect gift for their father's birthday present this year.  They always put a lot of thought into what to get their dad, and find the challenge rewarding when they get "the" gift.  This year, they all decided to commission a painting of his loyal and well-loved chocolate lab.  Samantha found Lisa Bane through a google search, and reached out to her.  Lisa answered her questions right away, and explained the whole process clearly and in an understandable manner. Samantha was excited to hear reports from Lisa about how the painting was progressing.  When Samantha received an email with a photo of the final painting, she could hardly wait to see her dad's reaction when seeing it for the first time. Lisa captured the lab's gentle and sweet personality, and Samantha knew her dad was going to love it.  When the day came for her dad's birthday party, Samantha and her sisters were filled with anticipation. When her dad opened the painting, tears came to his eyes, which Samantha had rarely ever seen.  His dear, sweet, chocolate lab had been his loyal friend for the past 14 years, but was not doing so well lately.  He would now have this beautiful painting to remind him of his loving companion that was part of his life for so many years.  

Please contact the artist to ask for a quote.
Price range $1,000 - $10,000+ for oil portraits,
$800 - $6,000+ for pet portraits in oil,
and $$400 - $2,000+ for charcoal portraits.
Prices vary according to size, complexity, and number of subjects.

Canvas size selection aide

Click on a canvas size to visualize in an interior setting.

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