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Lisa Bane

Born in Erie, Pa

Lives & works in New Stanton, Pa

~Through every brushstroke, I aim to unveil the hidden stories that lie within each gaze and expression, bringing souls to life on canvas.~


Lisa starts with a blank canvas, then draws directly on the canvas with thinned down paint and a brush.  She then develops the drawing into an underpainting, which shows the light and shadow areas of the subject.  Next, she adds color, using professional grade oil paints.  As she develops the painting, Lisa continually makes adjustments to ensure she is getting the best likeness and making the portrait lifelike and realistic.  The finished painting is then allowed to dry and then is varnished with Gamvar, a quick drying varnish for oil paint.


At the young age of three, when most artists-to-be were coloring constantly and drawing better-than-average pictures, Lisa was scribbling across a coloring book page with a single orange crayon.  She had too much energy to focus on stationary activities, and would rather be running and doing cartwheels.  Lisa remembers her first rewarding portrait drawing experience in 5th grade, when

the class was assigned to draw a portrait of someone they knew.  Her mom was so impressed with Lisa’s drawing of her best friend that she gave it the rare honor of being placed in her memory folder. Lisa’s mother was a landscape artist, and filled their home with beautiful, vibrant watercolor paintings of local landscapes. Her mother’s art pursuits were not a full-time profession, which gave Lisa the impression that art could not be a sustainable career. When it came time to

go to college, she decided to become a registered nurse, a practical and meaningful vocation.


Only a year and a half after earning her BSN and getting married, something unexpected happened. Sudden pain and swelling in her joints sent her to the doctor’s and led to a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis.  Lisa decided to “retire” from nursing and pursue her artistic talents, which did not require lifting and moving patients and walking around for 8-12 hour shifts!  Still thinking of art in a practical manner, she thought a job in graphic design would suit her well.  Lisa worked freelance for a while after studying graphic design at Edinboro University. After the arrival of her son and twin girls, Lisa decided to devote all her time to raising her children.  


When Lisa’s children were all in grade school, she found that she had the time to pursue her creativity. Not quite sure what direction to take with her art, she dabbled in various pursuits, but ultimately returned to what was calling to her.

She always preferred drawing people over other subjects, and decided to set about becoming a portrait artist.  Through books, DVD’s and workshops, Lisa self-directed her training in portraiture. Lisa has trained with celebrated nationally known artists during intensive workshops. 


The first few paintings Lisa did were of her family and friends.  One in particular was of a sleeping baby.  She had seen her friend post a picture of their infant daughter, bathed in soft, natural sunlight, and knew she just had to paint her. When Lisa surprised her friends with a painting of their daughter, they just stared at it with tears streaming down their cheeks. It was amazing how art could move people to tears and Lisa realized she could reach people in a meaningful way with her portraiture.  

When people wish to have a portrait painted, it is usually to honor someone in their life.  They are seeking more than a work of art-  a representation of a relationship; a marriage, a devoted pet, a grandchild.  Lisa is honored to be able to create art that reaches people emotionally, providing a human connection between the viewer and the subject in a way only art can do.  When a client shares how their father cried when they gave him a portrait of his sweet terrier, Lisa can’t help but smile. Good tears are a gift well received. 


Portraiture studies under:

Jeff Hein

Kerry Dunn

Ellen Cooper

1999 - 2001 Edinboro University, graphic design



2021 - Award of Excellence, SAMA Ligonier Regional Annual

           Juried Show

2020 - Cecelia Beaux Mentorship Program recipient

2018 - 2nd Place, Greensburg Art Center Biennial Juried Show

2015 - 1st Place Oil, Monroeville Art Council.



2021 - SAMA Ligonier Regional Annual Juried Show

2021 - LatrobeArt Center Fred Rogers Annual Juried Show

2020 - LatrobeArt Center Fred Rogers Annual Juried Show

2020 - Westmoreland Arts and Heritage National Juried Show

2019 - Latrobe Art Center Fred Rogers Annual Juried Show

2019 - Westmoreland Arts and Heritage National Juried Show

2019 - Hoyt Art Center Annual Regional Juried Show

2018 - SAMA Ligonier Regional Annual Juried Show

2018 - Greensburg Art Center, National Biennial Juried Show

2018 - Greensburg Art Center, Third Thursday Portrait Show

2015 - Monroeville Arts Council, Regional Juried Show


Modern Dog Magazine Fave Find, Dec. 2018 

Trib LIVE Out and About; Guest speaker at lunch a l'Art @ SAMA Ligonier



Lisa Bane's work is held by private collectors in the United States, Canada, and South America.


Oil Painters of America

Greensburg Art Center,

Portrait Society of America,

Pittsburgh Artist Registry.

7 year old me.jpg

Portrait of artist as a young girl, charcoal, 16x20"

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